Establishing and administering trusts

There are several reasons for making a trust from the saving of inheritance tax on death to controlling assets passing to intended beneficiaries.

Perhaps you have a family member who you wish to benefit but who is reliant on benefits, maybe your intended beneficiary is not financially mature or even experiencing marital problems. By the mechanism of a trust it is possible for the trustees to retain control of the capital either for the lifetime of the intended beneficiary or until the situation improves for that beneficiary so that it is appropriate to transfer the capital to them outright.

Whatever your reason for establishing a trust we can help by advising on the most appropriate type of trust in the circumstances, to drafting the trust deed, advising on the choice of trustees and their powers and then to administering the trust, registering it with HM Revenue & Customs, preparing annual accounts and submitting tax returns as well as dealing with distributions of both income and capital and repayment claims for eligible beneficiaries.

Trusts are not just vehicles for the very wealthy; they can benefit many individuals in a multitude of circumstances. Please telephone for further information.

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