Asset Protection & Tax Planning

Asset Protection & Tax Planning

With the increasing complexity of families resulting from second marriages or relationships, cohabitation involving joint ownership of assets, the impact of care fees, and the effect of inheritance tax on an estate, there is very often a need to consider how to protect assets for the benefit of one or more people, especially on death. Planning ahead, especially through wills or lifetime trusts can help to address these issues.

Our asset protection and tax planning solicitors will work with you to plan for the future. We’ll help:

  • To ensure that you and, in the case of a couple, the survivor of you, are financially secure for the rest of your lives.
  • To try to protect as much of your estate as possible for the ultimate benefit of your children, grandchildren or other beneficiaries, especially in the event of the survivor of you needing care or remarrying.
  • To try to protect particular assets for particular beneficiaries (i.e. business assets).
  • To try to save inheritance tax on death.

The approach of our lifetime planning lawyers is to discuss your family, estate, your business (if you have one) and your priorities with you. We will advise you on appropriate ways to achieve your objectives and then prepare the necessary documents. As such, we work towards a solution which is tailor-made to your particular requirements.

Our specialists succession planning solicitors can advise on utilising business property relief and agricultural property relief for inheritance tax purposes, and can help you plan to pass your business down to the next generation.

We recognise that families and estates change over time, and we encourage a regular dialogue and an ongoing relationship with your solicitor to review the arrangements which are put in place. This will ensure that your wishes are up to date and that any changes can be accounted for.

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