Challenging Local Authority assessments and funding decisions

Challenging Local Authority assessments and funding decisions

If you are, or you care for, one of the thousands of people across the country who depend on accessing community care every day, losing that care can leave you feeling at risk and alone, unaware of your rights.

Our specialist community care solicitors are experienced in tackling the legal issues that surround care services. We’ve successfully helped our clients seek redress where there

has been a failure to carry out a community care assessment, a suitable level of care has not been provided following an assessment or there has been a withdrawal or reduction of a previous level of care. We can assist you to ensure all potential sources of health, education and social care funding have been identified  

We regularly help protect clients who are facing financial or health and welfare safeguarding situations (including about where they live and are cared for; contact with family and friends; financial exploitation by family members or others).  We also provide assistance with preparing you for or providing representation  at Best Interest meetings and in Court of Protection litigation.



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