Pre Nuptial Agreements

Pre Nuptial Agreements

We offer a bespoke service to clients by having a dedicated niche team of lawyers who can provide advice on pre nuptial agreements.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements (‘Pre Nups’) and other marital agreements are becoming increasingly popular due to couples wanting to try and achieve more certainty and control over how they reach agreement on their finances in the event that their relationship fails.

Why make a Prenuptial Agreement?

They can be particularly important where there is an imbalance in the respective wealth of a couple prior to their marriage or where you want to safeguard particular inherited assets or family assets.

They can also be of benefit to couples marrying for the second time who have acquired assets independently from each other or have children from a previous relationship whose interests they wish to protect.

This is an area of law that is developing fast and couples entering into a pre nuptial agreement require specialist advice and knowledge. 

Are they legally binding?

Recent cases mean that Pre Nups now carry significant weight before the courts provided the agreement is drafted properly, the couple have had legal advice and provided details of the finances and the agreement is signed well in advance of the wedding day. Pre Nups will be a factor that a judge takes into account when resolving financial issues. The agreements are not automatically legally binding.

We also specialise in Post Nuptial Agreements and Separation Agreements which also enable couples to set out how they wish financial matters to be dealt with in the event of separation or divorce. Such agreements may be upheld by the court unless there has been a significant change in circumstances, or there is not proper provision for a child, or if there are any factors which would make it unfair to hold anyone to the agreement.

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