Arrangements for children

Arrangements for children

Parents who separate have to consider a range of issues concerning their child. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to make decisions such as where a child should live and how often the other parent sees them. Our family team is able to advise parents on how to approach such sensitive issues.

We always recommend parents try to talk as much as possible, after all, the mother and father will share their roles as parents for the rest of their lives and it is important that parents can try to reach a workable compromise.

There are of course, parents who simply cannot reach a workable compromise and whilst we cannot remove the stress from these situations, we will try to alleviate it by acting in a sensitive and non-confrontational way. Before we advise you to make an application to the Court, it is important that parents are aware of other avenues to resolve the issue. Our family team have close links with Life Coaches and Counsellors who can provide support at this difficult time.

There are many different Court Orders that can relate to children. The main Orders are residence, parental responsibility, contact, removing the children from the jurisdiction, specific issue and prohibited steps orders.

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