Mediation and No Court Divorce


Mediation is an alternative to the more traditional court process for couples who are ending their relationship. During this process one of Coffin Mew’s qualified Mediators will work with you and your ex-partner to assist you in talking through your problems.

By working together with the help of one of Coffin Mew’s impartial Mediators you will make decisions in relation to your finances, children or on any other issues. A Mediator is not there to advise either party but as lawyers we can give you legal information to help you make decisions.

Mediation puts you in charge of the process:

  • An environment where both of you can voice your opinions
  • You decide the outcome of your dispute rather than the Court
  • Children’s priorities will be kept at the forefront of the discussions
  • You are free to talk and discuss the options available
  • Often a more cost effective approach than lawyer led negotiation

No Court Divorce

The collaborative family law process enables you as a couple to meet together with your lawyers through a series of face to face discussions and work towards a solution to the issues arising from your breakdown. It works because you as a couple set the agenda but have the benefit of legal advice throughout the process. Most importantly, everyone including the lawyers sign up to a binding agreement at the beginning confirming that you will not go to court. It means everyone is dedicated to achieving a solution even in the most difficult of circumstances.

The result of the collaborative family process often leaves those involved with positive feelings about their future. Divorce or separation is emotionally one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome and collaborative family practice can offer a real alternative to trying to achieve the best result for the entire family.

The couple in this film have agreed to share their first hand experience of the collaborative law process.  They talk about the process, some of the difficulties, and what the process means for their future as a family.

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What our clients say

Quite simply, the collaborative approach to divorce settlement is the swiftest, most sensible, least hurtful and frankly the most cost effective way of paving the way for the future.


I did not wish for my marriage to end and nor did my children, but, notwithstanding this, the collaborative approach led to a satisfactory conclusion for all that enabled the desire for aspects of family life to remain after Decree Absolute. Life changes, it doesn’t have to shatter.