Support with administration and decision making

Support with administration and decision making

We regularly assist those appointed as Deputy, Attorney or Trustee with fulfilling the requirements of their role providing advice, assistance and support with decision making. You may need help deciding on what is in the person’s best interests or how to administer their affairs; we can assist you with this. You may also require assistance in accessing a person’s funds or dealing with third parties such as the local authority.

As a Deputy you may want to make a decision that is not in your original Deputyship Order, for example you may want to make a gift or sell or purchase a property, this may require an additional Trustee Act Application if the property is jointly owned.

As a Deputy you must also complete an annual report each year. This report requires detailed information about decisions you have made and accounts showing what money has been spent. We can assist you with completing the annual report and any queries that you may have regarding this process.

If you are a health and welfare Deputy or Attorney and have concerns about a loved one’s living arrangements or care package, this is something we can help you with.

Personal Injury Trustee

As a personal injury trustee you will be managing a compensation payment for yourself or together with the individual who has received the compensation payment.

You will be able to make payments from the trust and we can assist by being appointed as a co-trustee. You may wish to appoint or retire a trustee and this is also something that we can assist with. 

If you would like assistance fulfilling your role we are here to help.

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