Disputes about Finances

Disputes about Finances

Unfortunately, money can often be at the centre of family fallouts. Especially when one or more family members are appointed to manage a person’s finances as Attorney or Deputy and do not agree on what they should do.

The are numerous reasons why families and Attorneys or Deputies may be in dispute such as concerns about how money is being spent, whether a property should be sold and when those acting do so inappropriately or are not complying with their duties.

We work closely with family’s to resolve disputes about property, finances and welfare to avoid the stress and cost of litigation, but where the other party refuses to be reasonable and litigation is unavoidable we will fight your corner to achieve the best outcome for you and your loved one.

Our specialist Court of Protection can help advise you on the process to remove an Attorney or Deputy from their role and the steps that can be taken to protect the person’s assets and welfare.

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