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Our aim is to help you and your family move on and, above all, rebuild your lives.

Suffering medical negligence, misdiagnosis or poor treatment is a stressful and disorienting experience.

What were the causes? Who is to blame? What can be done to stop it happening again?

We are specialist Lawyers and experts at investigating the most complex clinical negligence and medical negligence cases, especially birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, and arriving at the truth.  We have successfully sued the NHS and private doctors recovering many multi-million pound awards of compensation.

We work hard for you – arguing your case, maintaining a sense of urgency and being there when you need us. It starts with a free consultation, without obligation, to assess your case.

What cases do we take on?

We have extensive experience investigating cerebral palsy cases where severe disability was caused during medical negligence at birth.  We have won clinical negligence and medical negligence cases that others couldn’t.

We pride ourselves in taking on the difficult medical negligence cases and still proving negligence and winning.  We have investigated cases of misdiagnosed disease, where the most serious of disabilities has been caused, we have excelled in finding the truth and winning compensation against the NHS and private doctors.

The team is ranked in Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners and are recognised for their experience and expertise in brain injury and catastrophic injury matters, with such cases comprising most of the team’s work. Our team also has a formidable reputation for its handling of cerebral palsy cases.

We have strong links with a number of disability charities and we are involved in a number of fundraising initiatives each year.

They are a caring and compassionate team of clinical negligence lawyers.

Chambers and Partners

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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can occur at any time before, during or after birth and sometimes as a result of medical negligence. Sometimes cerebral palsy is caused by hypoxia, which is lack of oxygen prior to birth.  Sometimes it is caused by infection after delivery.  We have dealt with many multi-million pound cerebral palsy claims and for some of our team, Cerebral Palsy investigation is all they do. 

We conduct a full and thorough independent investigation. We ensure that at the very least you have a full understanding of what happened and what caused the cerebral palsy.  Where possible we can win the financial security needed to maximise the quality of your child’s life and allow you to concentrate on being your child’s parent rather than full time carer.

When compensation is won, it is intended to cover not only past losses and suffering but also future care and other costs. It will, for example, include more appropriate accommodation, transportation, education, care and case management. We have seen the benefit the right compensation can do, it transforms lives, it gives you something back.

In this video, we talk to Mandy Day and her son Andrew, about their clinical negligence claim and the damages which Coffin Mew were able to recover for them.

If you have concerns about the standard of care you child received, and believe that contributed to the cerebral palsy, we could help you find out the truth.  We would be happy to discuss what we could do for you at a no obligation meeting.  We can fight cases on a no win no fee to help you get what your child needs. 

Support for parents of children with Cerebral Palsy

Whether or not there is a sustainable medical negligence allegation we can offer a range of support and guidance to families who need help with issues relating to disability. We work closely with dedicated specialists including therapists, architects, accountants, charities, financial advisers, and others who can address your concerns to help and support you.

We can also offer specialist advice relating the complex implications of wills and trust planning so that you can try to ensure that your child will be properly provided for when you are no longer able to provide for them.

We realise that you are central to the whole process. You will be fully informed of progress as we guide and support you through the investigation stage and, if you choose to, through a claim.

It was very reassuring to know that no matter how many obstacles seemed to present themselves, and there were quite a few, you just kept on until you cracked it. Thank you.

The process of a Cerebral Palsy claim

We fight our cases on a no win no fee basis.  So if we can help you, you don’t have to worry about the cost.  Cases can take a long time to investigate.  This is not because we are slow or too busy, but because of the detailed investigations that we need to carry out and the amount of expert evidence that we need to obtain. 

Once your case has the funding agreements in place, we need to get all of the medical records.  This can take a while.  Once we have them all, we can start looking at the treatment, and getting the right medical experts on board. 

As long established clinical negligence lawyers, we have built up a vast armoury of medical experts.  We choose the right expert for every part of the investigation. Sometimes the right expert has a waiting list, and this takes time. 

Once we have those experts the reports they produce need to carefully reviewed, and sometimes you will need more experts.  Common experts to use in a cerebral palsy claim are a midwife, obstetrician, neonatologist, neuro radiologist, paediatrician, and paediatric neurologist.  Sometimes even more are needed. 

Once you have the evidence, you can hold the hospitals or practitioners responsible.  It’s from this point we decide if we need to take court action.   Once you can establish the blame and responsibility to pay compensation, that’s when we investigate all the therapies and rehabilitation that are needed as well as the other parts of the claim such as the need for future care and specialist accommodation. 

We pride ourselves in getting the right amounts.  Our Court of Protection team can also assist you in using the compensation to full effect. 

Our service promise to you

Even if we cannot progress beyond an investigation you will at the very least have a better understanding of what, if anything, went wrong as well as the comfort of knowing it was perhaps beyond human intervention, but if you do not have the advantage of being able to recover compensation you may at least conclude this process with some peace of mind. 

If you can recover compensation then we have the expertise and connections to ensure the correct value is recovered as well as the experience to deal with helping to manage the ongoing  finances.