Military Service Complaints

We offer expert legal advice on a range of Service Complaints to serving and retired Armed Forces personnel and members of the Reserve Forces

During the course of service in the Armed Forces an individual may be subject to a decision, omission or mistake or career mismanagement that can have catastrophic consequences on their future career.

Examples of decisions of this kind include Administrative Discharge following a positive CDT or Discharge on the grounds of Inadequacy or on Medical Grounds, without a Medical Board, or in respect of Bullying or Harassment issues.

Omissions or mistakes can impinge on Promotion, Pay or Assignments, or a combination of all of these. In such circumstances we can help in submitting a Service Complaint within the statutory 3 month time limit or by considering appropriate grounds for extending that time limit under JSP 831 and JSP 763 where there are allegations of unfair treatment. This can be in/direct discrimination, harassment, bullying, prejudice or victimisation.

The Armed Forces team can provide an initial source of advice for members and former members, of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces and, together with other specialist teams within Coffin Mew, can produce solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Our team has the most extensive knowledge of all aspects of Service life in the region.

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