Expert legal advice for members of the Armed Forces

Legal advice and assistance to serving and retired Armed Forces and Reserve Forces personnel and their families.

Coffin Mew has a specialist team, dedicated to providing legal advice and assistance to members or former members of our Armed Forces and Reserve Forces.  Our experienced team of lawyers can advise on military injury, Court Martial, disciplinary matters, house purchases, Wills, employment law (both service and civilian), family and divorce issues.

Mr Williams instilled confidence in me due to his Armed Forces background.  I was confident I had the best representation.


We have many years experience of helping members of the Armed Forces through some very complex procedures including:

  • Disciplinary matters both at Summary Level (Commanding Officer) and Court Martial, including advice prior to Summary Hearing and trial by Court Martial and appeal, post hearing, to the Summary Appeal Court (SAC), and providing representation at the SAC and at Court Martial.
  • Service Complaints. During the course of service in the Armed Forces, individuals may be subject to a decision, omission or mistake that can have catastrophic consequences on their future careers. We can help in drafting and submitting a Service Complaint with the aim of resolving such issues.
  • Administrative matters and Employment, including Minor/Major Administrative Action (MAA/AGAI 67), covering loss of rank/rate, seniority and the full range of administrative censures and Armed Forces Employment issues.*
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS). With the ever increasing tempo of operational commitments and the need to train for such commitments, injuries occur, some by accident, some not. Our team can advise on the appropriate course of action to follow in such instances to ensure matters are handled fairly for all parties involved in this, “No Fault”, scheme.
  • Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS).  There are now three Armed Forces Pension Schemes in operations, AFPS 75, AFPS 05 and AFPS 15.  This is a complex area and our team can advise on issues as they occur.
  • Catastrophic Injury and Clinical Negligence. If these were caused by the fault of another person or organisation, whether Service or Civilian, in the UK or abroad, we can advise and assist you to recover compensation subject to the particular circumstances of the negligence which caused your accident and injury.
  • Resettlement and Business Purchase. We can assist you with advice upon your leaving and being discharged from the Services in relation to many matters which may affect your transition into civilian life.
  • Forces Help to Buy, Home Purchase or Sales.  We have significant experience and a thorough understanding of the process unique to the Forces Help to Buy scheme, residential property and new homes transactions.
  • Family and Children Matters. Very often, personal issues relating to relationships and children are subjected to significant strains in the maelstrom of life in the Armed Forces. We are here to help you and to offer advice, support and if necessary, the mediation of problems and issues.
  • Wills, Trusts & Probate. Our team is familiar with the particular needs of Armed Forces personnel, both serving and retired, and can help and advise you and your family on a wide range of legal issues.

Armed Forces legal advice

Our team has many years of service in the Armed Forces, so we are uniquely placed to give authoritative advice based on years of experience. Whatever the problems faced by serving and retired members of the Armed Forces, we are acutely aware of the knock on effect of Service, which often carries over into civilian life on retirement.

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*Remember, members of the Armed Forces do not have contracts of employment and, as such, only have access to Employment Tribunals (ETs) in limited circumstances. The vast majority of “Employment” issues are dealt with by way of a Service Complaint.