Workplace transformation – next generation employees

Posted on: September 24th, 2019

Charlotte Allery, Employment solicitor and member of our Technology sector, and Liz Cheaney, HR Director spoke to Alternative Insights about how the workplace is transforming, and how we’re keeping abreast of that at Coffin Mew.

The workplace has and will always remain a place of change; innovation, technology, new products and ideas keep businesses at the very top of their game. Now, attracting and retaining the best talent means examining the way we work and the way we reward staff is crucial.

The next generation entering the labour market is looking for more than just a wage and expect their employers to offer alternative ways of working and benefits.

This next generation workforce seek recognition and are often independent, competitive and are more inclined to want to work on their own terms, such is the rise of the gig economy. And unlike the calls in the 2000s for a greater work-life balance, employees increasingly look to work-life integration, where home and work blend seamlessly together. It is a case of terms over title; the benefits and workplace ethos are more important than the job title they achieve or whether they make partner.

Of course, what this means in practice will be very different in every business and in every sector, and the nature of the professional services industry does mean it is difficult to replicate all of the initiatives of other, more relaxed sectors. However, professional services’ firms should still be reviewing their employee value proposition to see if it meets the current demands of the next generation of talent.

Workplace transformation requires an understanding that employees across all generations have busy lives. Everyone’s health and wellbeing at work is enhanced by choice – choice around work style, workplace and benefits. However, the greatest challenge for employers is being able to balance the needs of employees with the needs of clients and customers. Truly understanding your clients’ needs and your employees’ needs is at the heart of any successful workplace transformation. Being flexible enough to trial new approaches and then to refine them to fit your own culture, strategy and goals is key.

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