Why rewarding staff was high on the Coffin Mew agenda for 2021 and will continue into 2022 and beyond

Posted on: February 1st, 2022

2021 was a turbulent, difficult year for many businesses, and law firms were no exception. 

Many business sectors faced the threat of redundancy and the pandemic thrust many employees into alien working practices.

At Coffin Mew, these issues were no less stress-inducing, but we had to find a way to serve our clients in a way as close to normal as possible and this meant creating a positive working environment and continuing the team spirit that’s at the heart of our firm.

The Core Values Awards Programme was a key component of this strategy and it allowed colleagues to recognise their fellow workers for their invaluable contributions, raising morale and creating a positive, effective, and inspiring working environment. Whilst the scheme has been in place for a few years, it has even more relevance now that colleagues are not seeing each other face to face with the same regularity as pre-pandemic.

Prizes of up to £1,000 recognised creativity, problem solving; inquisitiveness and understanding; modesty, supportiveness, and trustworthiness; and supporting peers through challenging an issue.

The overall winner was Nicola Dillon, who despite being very busy as Document Production & Central Hub Co-ordinator, took on extra duties and responsibilities to support her colleagues when needed. 

Other winners included: Ed Davis, Brandon Du’Chesne, Will Dennis, Elizabeth Gibbons and Sacha Borlouchi.

Commenting on the Awards, Amy Richardson, who is the Chair of the Core Value Awards Committee, said, “Thanks to these awards, Coffin Mew has noticed a huge boost in staff morale and real energy and positivity permeating through the business, especially from the junior levels of the firm.   It has helped all staff to feel that they are valued and that their input is encouraged.”

Miles Brown, CEO added, “We all know that staff engagement and input is vital to the success of all businesses.  We have always encouraged staff to get involved in improving how we do things.  With the pandemic, things became tougher, but everyone at Coffin Mew really pulled together and pulled out all the stops to support clients and each other. This programme was just part of the way we recognised individuals across the firm.”

The programme has been so successful and appreciate by all staff that we will be continuing it in 2022.  We will be encouraging staff to nominate their peers and colleagues in the coming year and will be announcing some more Core Values winners at our next firm-wide event.