Why consider Coffin Mew for your training contract?

Posted on: December 1st, 2021

What do you enjoy the most about working / training with Coffin Mew?

I really like how approachable everyone is at the firm. From senior staff to support staff, you are never made to feel inferior or unqualified to help. The atmosphere at the offices is very welcoming and you really do feel that everyone is interested in seeing you progress and getting the best out of you. In my first few days in my seat, I was trusted with drafting documents and communicating with clients with the support of my team which really immersed me straight away in the work.

What words of advice do you have for would be Coffin Mew trainees?

Get stuck in! Everyone wants to see you succeed so don’t let your nerves hold you back. Be open to any work you are passed, whatever level it is, it is all key in giving you a well-rounded trainee experience. Also, speak to your other trainees! You are all in the same position and between you all, you’ll navigate the training process.

Why did you choose Coffin Mew for your training contract?

When I was looking for training contracts, I first looked for a fully inclusive law firm which had certain seats I was interested. I always knew I wanted to do a seat in COP if I could, so for me, I was keen to find firms which had a COP department. I also didn’t really know what I wanted to qualify in, so having the option to try a variety of seats was attractive to me. And from speaking to previous trainees, they spoke about the friendly atmosphere and the workload they were given early on which I wanted. I was looking for a firm where I would be supported, encouraged and appreciated and I feel that Coffin Mew offers just that.


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