Why consider Coffin Mew for your training contract?

Posted on: December 22nd, 2021

Why did you choose Coffin Mew for your training contract?

Coffin Mew is a progressive and collaborative firm with many talented lawyers. I was impressed with Coffin Mew’s supportive culture and focus on utilising modern technology. During my time as a legal assistant and paralegal at Coffin Mew, I was fully supported and welcomed by all of Coffin Mew’s staff regardless of their role at the firm. Coffin Mew recognises the importance of training and internal promotion which leads to excellent progression opportunities for those who work hard and showing a willingness to develop.

What words of advice do you have for would be Coffin Mew trainees?

Be inquisitive and proactive. By this, I mean ask lots of questions when you do not understand something and aim to improve your knowledge of the area of law you are working in by keeping up to date with the latest developments on legal news outlets. Also, think about the next steps required to resolve a client’s issue and suggest how you would approach a problem to your supervisor as this shows that you are thinking proactively rather than simply carrying out instructions.

Why would you recommend a training contract with Coffin Mew?

Despite the issues posed by the pandemic and remote working, I have never lacked support or felt isolated. My supervisors have regularly checked in to ensure that my workload is appropriately managed. I have been assigned tasks that improve the knowledge and skills I need to develop as a solicitor but I have not been overwhelmed or left with insufficient guidance. When working remotely, we have utilised technology such as Microsoft Teams to schedule review sessions which have focused on improving my drafting skills, subject area knowledge and client/file management.


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