The Southern Powerhouse

Posted on: June 24th, 2021

Coffin Mew commissioned a major report to look at the challenges and opportunities facing the South as a region in establishing itself as, what could be described as, the Southern Powerhouse.

The report consists of a number of interviews with key people in the region – from chief executives of property development companies, property investors as well as those heading up the Local Enterprise Partnerships. 

Nick Leavey, Partner and Head of Commercial Property comments: “In this article, Richard J Woollenburg, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Cardiff Property highlights two major causes of delay that we regularly see our clients grappling with in development projects, whether residential, commercial or mixed-use schemes: the planning system and infrastructure works. Successive governments, including the current one, have struggled to deliver substantial reform of the planning regime and major infrastructure projects on time and on budget: as we emerge from the pandemic and face the climate challenge head on, is it time to get radical?”

“If Richard J Wollenberg should have the keys to No10, in government, one of his first priorities would be to promote the deregulation of the planning system, expedite the building of an additional runway at Heathrow Airport – and at Gatwick. As well as making the M25 five-lanes each side of its circumference.”

Please click here to read the full interview.

If you have any questions regarding the Southern Powerhouse project, please contact Nick Leavey.