The Southern Powerhouse – Coast to Capital LEP

Posted on: July 1st, 2021

Coffin Mew commissioned a major report to look at the challenges and opportunities facing the South as a region in establishing itself as, what could be described as, the Southern Powerhouse.

The report consists of a number of interviews with key people in the region – from chief executives of property development companies, property investors as well as those heading up the Local Enterprise Partnerships. 

In this article, Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive of the Coast to Capital LEP, highlights the challenges faced by the towns of the South East, where London commuters continue to drive up house prices and the cost of living, making it more difficult for younger people to live in the area and therefore businesses to establish and grow in the region. However, with the move to remote or hybrid working patterns during the pandemic, we are seeing many clients looking, not just at continued home working, but at opening satellite offices outside of London and in the region and so, with the focus on 5G suggested by Jonathan Sharrock, perhaps this is a moment to meet these challenges.

“The South East is, in a sense, “an economy of small towns,” says Jonathan Sharrock, chief executive of the Coast to Capital LEP. “So an issue for the region as a whole then is that without plenty of interesting, well-paid jobs, it becomes more of a collection of commuter towns for London.”

In the latest in our series of Southern Powerhouse articles we hear from Jonathan Sharrock, Chief executive of Coast to Capital LEP.

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