Rachel Evans

Associate Solicitor - Inheritance and Wills disputes

What’s your role?

As the population becomes more elderly, more and more people may become unable to manage their financial affairs and an attorney or deputy will have to be appointed to manage their financial affairs. I assist clients where disputes have arisen as to who should be in control of the their affairs or in relation to the way those affairs are being managed.

In addition, I advise and assist people in resolving issues that may arise in relation to the estate of a deceased loved one, for example, concerns that the will is invalid or does not reflect the deceased’s intentions. I also assist clients  with obtaining financial provision from the deceased’s estate when they have not been adequately provided for in the deceased’s will or on his intestacy.

I also assist clients with the resolution of problems that can arise in relation to the way in which the Executors are administering the estate. I can assist clients with accessing information, protecting estate assets and negotiating enforceable settlements and applications to the court for relief where necessary.

I advise clients in relation to trust issues that can arise out of an estate.

Your experience

I have assisted both Executors and beneficiaries of wills and third party claimants with claims to the courts in connection with disputed wills, and I have successfully represented a number of clients in an application to the court for adequate financial provision to be made out of the estate and negotiated a substantial settlement for them thus securing their financial position.

I have acted for parties in disputes with the estate over what property properly falls within the estate. I have represented clients in disputes arising out of trusts commonly concerning the terms of a life interest trust granted to a surviving spouse/partner.

I have successfully represented clients in the Court of Protection and recovered their costs from the losing party in connection with a dispute concerning the suitability of their appointment as an attorney for their incapacitated parent.

I have also assisted clients in situations where the Executors have delayed in the administration of the estate or neglected their duties.


  • Disputed wills and estates
  • Disputed trusts
  • Disputes in relation to the decisions to be made in respect of vulnerable persons

Which five words best describe you?

  1. Detailed
  2. Client-focused
  3. Solution orientated
  4. Friendly
  5. Clarity

Three things we didn’t know about you?

  1. I like winter sports
  2. I would love to have a small holding
  3. I’m interested in ancient history

Testimonials/client quotes

Rachel gave me the best advice for my case, she is a good listener and above all very professional. I would recommend Rachel to anyone, as one of the best lawyers in probate in the UK!”


Thank you for yesterday and everything leading up to it. Still a bit to go but it is such a relief to get to this point. Thank you again.


Thank you for all your help and preparation; the mitigation agreement went very well in my favour all things considering. 


In 2016 I approached Rachel at Coffin Mew, with a very complex case. I was recommended to see Rachel by a friend that had used her before, she went out of her way to make sure that I would get all the advice to the best of her knowledge. We worked closely together to find all the evidence necessary to unmask the length of fraud and dishonesty, in order for me to get proper justice.  I must say that I would recommend Rachel Evans, to anyone, as one of the best lawyers in Probate in the UK.