Miles Brown


What's your role?

As CEO I am responsible for driving the growth strategy of the firm, leading our operational teams and fee earners to achieve our goal of becoming a £20million firm by 2020. I am proud to lead one the most dynamic, ambitious and client focused legal teams in central South. Driving forwards our strategy to bring the best people and innovation together to deliver great results for every client. 

I have steered the firm through successful office moves, opening offices in Brighton and London and a successful merger in the Thames Valley increasing our expertise and geographic reach to Newbury, Wantage and Swindon – this led to us recently achieving 30% growth across 2017-18 and being ranked 7th in in The Business Magazine’s SME 100 Growth List – the fastest growing law firm in the South. 

I help coordinate the programme for our Trainee Solicitors, being heavily involved right through from recruitment, our assessment days and meeting with them directly to provide feedback and discuss their aspirations as they develop throughout the programme. In addition, I jointly lead our innovative client listening programme with our Chairman and client listening team.

My role as CEO is to steer the business, sometimes through highly challenging times, and ensure its financial strength so that we can continue making crucial investments. The firm is however only as good as its people and we have a great team here all with the same outlook – quality service, approachable, down to earth, honest and no nonsense – all values which play a key role in our reputation and why our clients keep coming back.

Your experience

I started at a small law firm in Salisbury deliberately chosen so I could learn as much as I could about different areas of law. A year later I set up my own practice with two other solicitors. It didn’t last too long as they decided that they wanted to move areas of practise, but we made money, so that gave me a real appetite for business. 

My career moved on quickly and, after joining a large regional law firm, became the Managing Partner, a position I held for 12 years. The consequence of this experience is that I have first-hand knowledge of the balance of financial success mixed with the ability to help people shape the firm in the way that the firm wants.

I joined Coffin Mew in 2010 and was made CEO in 2011.


  • Strong Leadership and Developing Corporate Strategy
  • Management Accounts
  • Business Development
  • Mentoring Senior Staff (setting objectives to help guide personal and career development)
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
  • Property Pension and Investments

Which five words best describe you?

  1. Astute
  2. Savvy
  3. Tenacious
  4. Thoughtful
  5. Listener

Three things we didn't know about you

  • I’m an Elton John fan
  • Been known to cry at adverts
  • Narrowly missed out on playing hockey for England