Chris Gambs

Associate Solicitor – Inheritance and Wills disputes

What’s your role?

The death or mental incapacity of a family member is one of the most stressful situations to be faced in life. Where a claim or dispute arises in relation to these issues and legal assistance is sought I recognise from both professional and personal experience that sympathetic and clear advice is required.

Our team advises both clients and provides in-house collaborative guidance to the firm’s Wills, Trusts & Probate and Court of Protection teams on wide range of issues, including:

  • Inheritance Act claims
  • The validity of wills relating to capacity, execution, undue influence and knowledge and approval
  • Executor and administration disputes including removal of executors
  • Last Power of Attorney issues relating to capacity, abuse of position
  • Rectification of Wills, including advising in relation to Statutory Wills
  • Beneficial Interest and proprietary estoppel claims

Your experience?

I have over 20 years experience in litigation and dispute resolution. This has been a mix of private client disputes, serious injury and insurance litigation.  This has given me a wealth of experience in getting quickly to the heart of a dispute and understanding not only my own client’s position, but also the other parties to drive the claim to a collaborative resolution. Where litigation cannot be avoided my approach is to make sure my clients’ have a clear understanding of the issues and key points are disputed at all times keeping open the option of an agreed resolution.

Contentious Probate and Claims under the 1975 Act, Masterclass – December 2017
ACTAPS seminar – Suspicious Minds: Want of knowledge and approval – March 2018
ACTAPS seminar – Rectifying Wills – May 2018
ACTAPS seminar – Has my grandmother been defrauded? A case study in undue influence, will fraud and disputed property transfer – June 2018


  • Disputed wills and estates
  • Executor disputes / removal
  • Disputes trusts
  • Disputes in relation to decisions affecting vulnerable persons

Which five words best describe you?

  1. Engaging
  2. Fair
  3. Meticulous
  4. Pragmatic
  5. Tireless

Three things we didn’t know about you?

  • I love portrait photography 
  • I have run a marathon personal best of 3 hours 10 minutes
  • I am handy in the kitchen

Testimonials/Client Quotes

Before meeting with Chris Gambs, I had lost hope of any resolution to the dispute I had with the executors. Chris was a very calm, but firm presence, which was just what I needed – an iron fist in a velvet glove. Chris very carefully explained the options at all stages, and I completely trusted his discretion on what to concede in order to achieve a positive outcome. I could not have been in better hands, and am very grateful for all Chris’s hard work. –  Mrs N


I would describe his approach to case preparation as both meticulous and pragmatic.  In my experience he is adept at identifying the key points in a case at an early stage and devising an appropriate case strategy accordingly.   In the cases in which he has instructed me, sensible and reasonable settlements have always been achieved, as a result, both with and without the use of round table meetings. Chris has always been a pleasure to work with, and combines a cheerful and courteous manner with refreshing efficiency.


We worked together on the case of Equity Syndicate Management Limited v GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Axa Corporate Solutions Assurance, reported at [2016] Lloyds Rep IR 155. This was a difficult, highly contested case arising out of a very serious motor vehicle accident and involving subsequent rectification of a motor insurance policy. Chris acted for the motor insurers Equity Syndicate Management Limited, which was bringing the claim for rectification against its insured GlaxoSmithKline. I was instructed by Chris to represent his clients. The claim for rectification succeeded.


Chris was a pleasure to work with throughout and always showed a good and clear understanding of the issues and the principles of law which were in play. He was efficient in the management of the case and the case proceeded smoothly with him at the helm.


Chris was able to mediate brilliantly and the situation was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone needing advice or assistance with matters relating to inheritance, wills and probate. He has been a pleasure to deal with from start to finish, and made a potentially wrought process as stress-free as possible. Many thanks.