Southern Powerhouse – The Highwood Group interview

Posted on: August 4th, 2021

Coffin Mew commissioned a major report to look at the challenges and opportunities facing the South as a region in establishing itself as, what could be described as, the Southern Powerhouse.

The report consists of a number of interviews with key people in the region – from chief executives of property development companies, property investors as well as those heading up the Local Enterprise Partnerships. 

In this article, Nigel Meek, Chief Executive of The Highwood Group, one of the fastest growing independent housebuilders in the country, highlights the need for new residential and commercial developments to meet the changing lifestyles and expectations of a new generation. For example, even before the pandemic, new homebuyers were looking for properties more suitable for sharing, with more open-plan and “inside/outside” living. Since then, the rise in homeworking has added demand for more “live/work” housing and development and Nigel Meek also alludes to the need for Government regulation and other forms of bureaucracy to evolve with these changing demands and needs, so as not to get in the way of the required development.

Please click here to read the full interview: The Highwood Group

If you have any questions regarding the Southern Powerhouse project, please contact Nick Leavey.