Southern Powerhouse – Oceanic Estates

Posted on: December 7th, 2021

Coffin Mew commissioned a major report to look at the challenges and opportunities facing the South as a region in establishing itself as, what could be described as, the Southern Powerhouse.

The report consists of a number of interviews with key people in the region – from chief executives of property development companies, property investors as well as those heading up the Local Enterprise Partnerships. 

In this article, Harry Hutchison, Director of Oceanic Estates, commercial property investment and development company, highlighted the continuing need for reform to both the planning and the business rates systems. Having pledged to tear up England’s “outdated and ineffective planning system” and deliver reforms, the Prime Minster subsequently sacked and replaced the responsible Minister with Michael Gove, who then put the reforms on hold. Elsewhere, the Chancellor announced measures in his latest budget to reduce the business rates burden by £7bn, but many commentators and businesses argue that this did not go far enough and are pressing for further and faster reform.

Please click here to read the full interview: Oceanic Estates

If you have any questions regarding the Southern Powerhouse project, please contact Nick Leavey.