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You might be a creditor of a business or individual who has defaulted on a payment due to you, perhaps a landlord of a tenant who has defaulted on their lease and is facing, or is already subject to, an insolvency procedure such as a voluntary arrangement, liquidation or administration, or a service provider who has a customer who has failed to pay for the services you have provided by the due date for payment and you have concerns about their ability to pay.

You might be considering lending money to an individual, partnership or company and want to protect yourself against the possibility of them becoming insolvent in the future.

The Restructuring and Insolvency team can help you:

  • Understand and put in place appropriate security to protect you against the borrower becoming insolvent and being unable to repay you.
  • Review any security you may already have in relation to the debt, including retention of title rights.
  • Understand the options available to you in trying to recover money which you have lent.
  • Consider appropriate repayment plans with a borrower, including proposals through a formal voluntary arrangement.
  • Recover your assets from a debtor or insolvency practitioner appointed to deal with their affairs.
  • Enforce any security you might have for the debt.
  • Serve statutory demands and issue bankruptcy and winding up petitions against individuals, partnerships and companies.
  • Get appropriate insolvency practitioners appointed over insolvent individuals, partnerships and companies so that they can investigate their dealings and realise their assets.
  • Deal with notices sent out by insolvency practitioners in relation to the individuals, partnerships or companies which owe you money.
  • Attend and vote at creditors meetings in relation to the borrower

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