Traffic Light Guide to Employment Policies

Many clients have asked us what employment policies they need to have in place and we often get asked “what do other companies have?”. To help you understand which policies you must have, which we would recommend you have and which are optional depending on your business, we have developed our Traffic Light Guide to the top 25 employment policies.

The red policies are the minimum you should have in place, we strongly recommend that you have the amber policies and you can pick and choose from the green policies as you see fit.

If there is anything on the list which you’re missing, we can work with you to provide a bespoke policy which fits your business.  Please contact Leon Deakin on 023 9236 4072 or email for more information.

  1. Grievances
  2. Disciplinary matters
  3. Equality & Diversity
  4. Data Protection
  5. Family Leave
  6. Health and safety
  7. Whistleblowing
  8. IT, Communications & Social Media
  9. Flexible Working
  10. Sickness Absence
  11. Anti-Bribery
  12. Drugs & Alcohol
  13. Stress at work
  14. Dress code
  15. Expenses
  16. Capability procedure
  17. Holidays
  18. Compassionate leave
  19. Time off for training / trade union activities / public duties
  20. Adverse weather and travel disruption
  21. Relationships at work
  22. No-smoking
  23. Homeworking
  24. Career break 
  25. Redundancy