Employee Share Incentive Arrangements

Employee Share Incentive Arrangements

Employee ownership is encouraged by all political parties and is here to stay, at least in the short to medium term.

This aspect of our service is driven to achieve the most tax efficient arrangements for companies wishing to incentivise their employees. This usually means finding ways of ensuring that employee shareholders or option holders are taxed under the capital gains tax regime, rather then under the PAYE and NIC regime.

Enterprise Management Investment (EMI) Schemes are the most popular HMRC approved scheme with businesses to recruit, incentivise and retain key members of staff, especially with small and medium sized businesses. It is not just a question of harnessing the undoubted tax benefits, but also advising on the implementation and design of those share schemes to get the best out of employees. When used successfully, they can be used as a key tool to support growth and the future success of a company.

Whilst EMI Schemes are undoubtedly the most popular, other HMRC approved share schemes such as Company Share Option Plans (CSOP), Save As You Earn (SAYE) and Share Incentive Plans (SIP) may also be appropriate for your business and can offer good tax advantages and other benefits.

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