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Corporate Restructuring and Administration

To get the right structure for your company may mean restructuring or reorganising the divisions within that company, or changing the way shares are held or the rights attaching to those shares. Sometimes shareholders want a tax efficient way of getting some of their capital out, or separating non-core elements of their business from the core elements.

Typically in corporate transactions, avoiding unforeseen tax for both the company and the shareholders is a key driver to success. We know when advance tax clearance is needed from HMRC and when we can apply to get stamp duty exemption. We can help by working with your accountants and tax advisors to demerge businesses, to deal with share buybacks and share-for-share exchanges and share swaps, to issue shares with sophisticated rights or to deliver a reduction in share capital.

To satisfy HMRC requirements, companies often need to demonstrate commercial reasoning for the transaction, so we prepare careful board minutes, resolutions and Companies House returns to ensure you meet these requirements, and we make sure that your paperwork is all in order and stands up to scrutiny.

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