Intellectual Property and Licensing

Intellectual Property and Licensing

Every business creates or uses IP. You have your brand name, logos and domain name. Maybe you have a brilliant design for your products or you generate great written material. You certainly have your own unique way of doing things which you hope will give you an edge. And these days you are certainly making use of other people’s IP: software, consultant’s work for you, things you found on the internet.

It is essential to protect your IP as this can be a major value asset in your business. You also want to ensure that no-one else can take unfair advantage of your brand position or your work and products, both in the UK and other countries where you trade or plan to trade. And you should ensure that you have the right to use any third party IP you need for your business. We will examine these issues closely with you to ensure you have the right protection in the right register in the right country.

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