Distribution, Agency and Franchising

Distribution, Agency and Franchising

There are many routes to market and finding the best one for your product or service can make all the difference, particularly if you are selling into another country or even into an unfamiliar part of the United Kingdom.

Most companies choose to partner with re-sellers already established in their target territory. A professional distributor will provide infrastructure and logistics as well as shoulder some of the risk. An experienced agent can significantly enhance your sales arm without the burden of overheads. And if you have a brilliant new concept or great brand value, a franchise partner can help you grow your business with hands-on investment on the front line.

For all the superb commercial opportunities afforded by re-sellers, there can be complex legal considerations to navigate:

  • The right of commercial agents to receive termination payments akin to redundancy when the relationship ends.
  • The rules limiting what terms you can agree with a distributor and for how long.
  • How to protect your know-how and business strategy if a franchise arrangement turns sour.

We specialise in navigating the supply chain, from EU and UK regulations to the practicalities of logistics, to ensure you have the right terms for the right channel in the right territory.

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