Commercial Contracting

When you do business with someone, you have a legal contract whether you write it down or not. Sometimes that’s good enough but usually you need to set out the terms of the agreement: What you’re going to do, what you’re not going to do. Who’s responsible for what? How much gets paid and when?

Lawyers love words but, let’s face it, sometimes they produce complex documents that business people won’t read and don’t sign. We know that you want plain English that covers the legal points, is easy to understand and makes sense in your business sector. So that’s what we’ll do for you: the right words in the right style for the right deal.

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It’s our basic belief that advisers must listen to and engage with clients, adapting to their needs and not taking a one-size fits all approach. That’s why we are delighted to work with Mark. He takes the time he needs to understand us and our goals, he communicates effectively and he works with us to achieve our objectives.  He has the Agile vision we prize and a detailed legal insight we trust.

Davina Sirisena, Managing Partner, Agilesphere LLP

Mark has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of commercial law – contract, tort, corporate, property, employment, tax etc. in both the UK and other jurisdictions. He also has an excellent understanding of the businesses with which he works and the commercial environments in which they operate. This enables him to add value through his work as his advice is legally correct, solution orientated and business focussed.

Chris Kelly, Vice President Europe, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd