Business law advice

We know that legal advice is just part of a bigger picture. Legal considerations have to be weighed against your business objectives, your position in the market, the resources available to you and, of course, what your accountants are telling you.

What looks like a high risk strategy on Monday may be a high-return opportunity by Wednesday. Your lawyers need to understand the whole story to ensure you are equipped to strike the balance you think is best. So when we work with you, we get to grips with everything affecting your business to make sure we give you the right advice for the right solution at the right time.


At Diebold, we chose to supplement our Legal team with Coffin Mew and over the last two years have been very pleased with the quality and speed of response. They have helped our UK business grow quickly and provide valuable local legal support in a number of areas.

John Ennis, MD & VP, UK & Ireland, Diebold International

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