Straight talking. Commercial. Responsive.

Our business as usual legal support enables you to deliver the significant legal risk management improvements that your stakeholders demand.

The demands of highly commercial businesses can be complex. You must ensure your deals comply with the regulatory framework in which your business operates, while stakeholders expect finance, tax, sales and service all reconciled in their favour.

Whether it’s a large project, or those regular business-as-usual requests that present the biggest challenges, our experienced team can help to take the work off of your desk.

Our legal support is flexible and resourced according to your needs. That means costs are cut while we concentrate on delivering commercial results-focused outcomes. As part of our business as usual support your will have access to:

  • flexible fee structures
  • service level agreements 
  • volume discounts.

Our specialist expertise is available when you need it, but it won’t clock up a bill when you don’t.

We will always seek the cost-effective approach to deliver the outcome you need in the time frame you are working to. We work with our clients to manage and control costs and stop fees or problems escalating.

Many of our team have worked in house and in industry so we understand the need to be able to access reliable, responsive and flexible legal support. Our cross service team are able to draw on this experience and their sector knowledge to help you achieve the results you need.

“What marks Coffin Mew out is that their lawyers can take a step forward from the legal parameters and look at the commercial factors at play.” – Chris Kelly, Vice President Finance, Tokyo Electron Europe Limited.

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