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We offer a full range of services and can advise you on all forms of dispute resolution, private options and traditional litigation.

Divorce can be an extremely emotional and stressful time, and at Coffin Mew we recognise that some people may require additional support. We have close links with Divorce Coaches who can offer divorce life coaching specifically aimed at divorce. We also have links with counsellors and therapists who can work with individuals or couples.

It may be that you are able to reach an agreement amicably, particularly if both your financial affairs are simple and straightforward. Reaching agreement between yourselves can cut down the costs involved where solicitors negotiate an agreement and can also eliminate a lot of stress. However, if your financial situation is more complex or indeed if agreement cannot be reached then you should consider engaging solicitors to negotiate on your behalf.

Even if you have reached agreement it is important that you take legal advice to ensure that the agreement you are entering into is fair and reasonable. It is also important that your agreement is legally binding to minimise the risk of your partner trying to back out of the agreement, months, or even years later, when you thought matters had been concluded.

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