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We’re not just legal experts. We act as business advisors to help you race ahead of the field by commercialising opportunities whilst managing risk in this rapidly changing, constantly challenging world. For us, the digital revolution is something to embrace.

We regularly assess emerging technologies and invest in our own systems to ensure we can work step-by-step with you at all stages of your business cycle. Some examples of the variety of services which we offer in this sector are below.

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We know that as brand owners, developers and innovators you need to focus your energies on products and growth, rather than letting yourselves get bogged down with compliance and administrative issues.

We don’t think it’s useful to burden you with lengthy legal opinion removed from commercial reality, that’s why we try to remove those burdens by streamlining our advice and incorporating the commercial options, so that you can be confident in receiving the best advice in relation to all aspects of your business.

Our technology sector team draws upon the experience of the entire full-service practice to deliver a robust, comprehensive and integrated support service, which includes:

  • Assisting with company incorporation matters including the drafting of bespoke articles of association
  • Advising on alternative financial investment structures such as crowdfunding, private equity and angel investors
  • Helping manage company compliance issues relating to staggered funding
  • Structuring shareholder and founder agreements, advising on commercial terms and all compliance issues
  • Managing licensing renewals, applications and extensions
  • Advising on employment status and alternative modes of engagement including contractors and freelance along with the associated risks arising
  • Protecting confidential and commercially sensitive information as well as drafting and enforcing restrictive covenants
  • Data protection, big data and cyber security
  • Helping to avoid and/or to successfully resolve commercial disputes
  • Leading, negotiating and completing property lease renewals, site acquisitions, planning submissions and construction disputes
  • Integrating wealth management, tax and estate planning, asset protection and business succession planning
  • Advising on intellectual property licences and trade mark registrations
  • Advising on brand protection including preventing and dealing with intellectual property infringement, copyright and domain name disputes and passing off
  • Wealth management, tax and estate planning including Business Property Relief and Entrepreneurs” Relief
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Business Lasting Powers of Attorney and Specific Powers of Attorney

We focus on client service excellence at all time and we are confident that you will like our approach. We would welcome a conversation to understand your business, your team’s challenges and future objectives so that we can shape and tailor the way that our dedicated sector team supports you.

Get in touch with one of our tech experts to see how we can help your business.

The firm is an ‘asset’ to clients, providing ‘excellent service’ in all manner of work, including procurement, system development and IT consultancy contracts.

Legal 500, 2017

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    According to recent research by Egress Software Technologies, a whopping 24% of UK employees have purposely shared business information to people outside of their organisation, and that’s just the people who admitted it.
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