A guide to buying and selling a care home

For those who haven’t bought or sold a business before, the process can seem stressful and time consuming. As with any corporate transaction, all aspects of the business will go through both the buyer’s and lender’s regulatory, commercial, financial and legal due diligence, and buyers will need to ensure they have done the appropriate research to help mitigate any issues further down the line.

When you’re buying or selling a business in the care industry however, there are a number of specific things that you’ll need to be aware of in addition to the above. We have created a set of guides to buying and selling a care home, setting out each stage of the transaction process and offering some top tips for protecting your investment.

Some of the areas we cover include advising on a care home sale or purchase process, protecting your investment when buying a care home, dispute resolution and assistance with employment issues and contracts. If you would like to find out more about care home investment, click here.

Please click on the images below to view and download the guides. If you have any questions about buying and selling a care home, please contact Dominic Travers.

stages in transaction carehome
What stages are there in the transaction process?
care guides practical tips
Practical tips for sellers
Buying a care home business out of administration
Care guides protect investment
Protecting your investment as a buyer
Care guides full guide cover
Complete guide to buying and selling a care home

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