Care home management for investors and operators

Care home management for investors and operators

Overstretched resource, a reluctance from government to commit to reforms, greater scrutiny than ever before, and a general public which expects high quality care but doesn’t want to pay for it; the environment for care home operators, owners and managers has never been tougher.

The reality, according to many of our clients, is that increased regulation in the care home industry is drawing money away from care to facilitate increased levels of note taking and administration instead.

At Coffin Mew, we are very aware of the issues being faced by care home operators and investors, and our Care & Protection sector team of skilled solicitors works with a number of care home clients to combat the legal challenges faced by these businesses.

Some of the areas we cover include advising on a care home sale or purchase process, protecting your investment when buying a care home, dispute resolution and assistance with employment issues and contracts.

Useful resources

We have created a set of guides detailing the different processes involved in a care home sale or purchase, tips for buyers and sellers, and information on a distressed transaction. The guides are now available here.

We have also been working on a whitepaper that looks at navigating legal challenges in the social care sector, drawing on the expertise of our team, along with insight from some of our clients within this sector. This is now available , sign up here to receive your copy.

For more information on how Coffin Mew can help you navigate the care and protection sector, particularly regarding care home investment or ownership, please contact a member of the sector team.

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