Scope and the Extra Costs Commission

Posted on: January 1st, 2015

Annabelle Vaughan, Partner at Coffin Mew and a specialist solicitor advising and supporting people with disabilities – has contributed to Scope’s research that revealed disabled people are paying a financial premium on everyday living costs.

The research showed that those with disabilities pay an average of £550 a month more for the everyday items needed. The research has triggered the Extra Costs Commission to recommend that businesses strive to be disability friendly. Its research, shockingly, found that over a third of people with disabilities surveyed left a business because of their lack of disability awareness.

Coffin Mew’s Miles Brown is determined that all of Coffin Mew’s clients and staff should have equal access to the team’s advice and services. He said:

Recognising that our clients are all different is at the heart of our commitment to client service excellence. We are constantly reviewing our office procedures to make sure that we are as accessible as possible.