Relationship status: ‘it’s complicated’

Posted on: July 3rd, 2018

Separating from your partner or spouse can be fraught with difficulties – where will you live? Where will the children live? How will you afford the mortgage/rent/bills/food/life to which you have become accustomed? Who will have the cat/parrot/tortoise?

Dealing with day to day events can seem overwhelming at the best of times. And then……

*Facebook update*: ‘your ex (insert name) is in a new relationship’….

And just like that, everything has changed.

Maybe you feel jealous.
Maybe you feel angry.
Maybe you feel relieved.
Maybe you feel like eating a tub of ice-cream.

The next you know, your ex has Whatsapp’d you to tell you that their new love interest will be meeting your children next week! You recoil at the thought of this unwelcome news and protest strongly, but your ex doesn’t want to listen to your perfectly valid concerns. You are worried that the children won’t cope well with meeting someone new, someone you have never even met yourself.

There is likely to come a point after every break up where one or both parties will move on to a new relationship. Often this news will come out of the blue and can create a great deal of uncertainty and hostility, particularly where children are involved. It is so important to keep lines of communication open if you can, whether this is through direct conversation, text, email or even mediation.

However, if you are not able to reach an agreement with your ex about introducing a new partner to the children, what should you do?

Our experienced family lawyers are here to help. We understand that during times of stress and conflict our calm, supportive approach can go a long way to resolve family disputes. We are committed to reaching agreement by constructive discussion where possible, but if the need arises, we can provide detailed advice on issuing child arrangement proceedings.

At Coffin Mew, we offer practical and straightforward advice on all types of family law matters. If you would like further guidance or have any questions, please contact Marie Stock, Senior Associate.