Plastic Oceans UK school Christmas e-card competition

Posted on: December 16th, 2019

Our chosen firm charity of the year is Plastic Oceans UK. To help promote the great work that they do, our Coffin Mew Trainee Solicitors delivered presentations to local schools to help raise awareness of the devastating effect that plastic has on our oceans. We invited students to enter our Christmas e-card competition and received some fantastic, festive, ocean-themed entries.

A huge thank you to students from Medina Primary School in Portsmouth, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Poole and St Bede’s Church of England School in Winchester.

Teaming up with Plastic Oceans UK, we collectively delivered presentations to over 500 primary school students and actively encouraged these students to change their behaviours towards plastic use.

Initially, each presentation focused on the students’ individual roles to prevent plastic ending up in the ocean. With eight million tonnes of plastic reaching the waters each year and 80 billion pieces of floating plastic recorded in North Atlantic’s Gyre, it is vital that we change our attitudes now to commit to long-lasting change. The students discussed the various types of plastic, the difference between polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and what alternatives they could use when packing their lunchboxes in the morning.

Inspired by the great ideas from students on how to solve the plastic crisis, we invited them to enter Coffin Mew’s Christmas e-card competition and get creative with different plastic materials. We all know that an ocean-theme isn’t overly festive; however, we cannot fault the fantastic efforts of the students and their entries!

It was an incredibly hard decision to choose a winning design, so instead, we chose 12! Keep your eyes peeled for our 12 days of Christmas e-cards across the festive period.

We were delighted to also receive several wonderful Christmas tree decorations, created by the Year 4 students at Medina Primary School, which have proudly been displayed on our head office Christmas tree!

With half of all plastic produced being single-use (meaning it is used once and then thrown away), we hope that opportunities such as these school presentations will have a positive impact on our environment and help raise awareness to work towards Plastic Oceans UK’s mission to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation.