New Look Brand for 2020 and beyond…

Posted on: July 3rd, 2018

As a client, potential recruit, professional colleague or interested browser, you may have noticed something different about Coffin Mew recently?

We’ve had a logo refresh to reflect the changing nature of our firm as it has grown in reach across the South. We feel its transformation into a modern law firm that treats its clients and staff somewhat differently to others in the sector needed a sharper more attractive brand look.

Coffin Mew CEO Miles Brown explains “We wanted to ensure our clients and the market place see us a modern, growing and approachable law firm, and got a real feel for our relaxed and innovative culture, which is very much focussed on doing things differently to get the best outcomes for our clients. At the forefront of our updated branding is our new firm logo, made up of a “mark” or icon and our name. This icon is a colourful weave, keeping our pink and other colours but also paying homage to parts of our history as a firm. Coffin Mew’s distinctive name comes from ‘Cofin’ which in old French meant basket. We felt this was a great representation of our firm, which “weaves” together our services for our clients to use, and keeps a sense of our history – as a firm we are over 130 years old. “


Nick Leavey, new Chairman and Head of Real Estate, sees our people as making the difference. “Our partners and teams are passionate about helping clients solve their legal problems efficiently and easily. Our clients tell us that we work hard to explain everything in clear, jargon free ways, move quickly when speed is needed, and solve their problems innovatively to get the best results. Now we have introduced agile working and “dress down” approaches across all our offices, we hope our clients feel even more comfortable to talk and get in touch with us whenever they need.”