Living with Covid guidance – What are the implications for employers?

Posted on: March 31st, 2022

The Government has issued new guidance for ‘living with covid’ which puts the onus on employers and individuals to deal with Covid going forwards.  The main change is the removal of the legal requirement to self-isolate.  This has left many employers confused as to where this leaves them and how they can protect their workforce and customers, whilst balancing the effective running of the organisation.

There are several points to consider. The key to effectively handling the new guidance, whilst protecting your organisation, is to ensure that you have a clear plan and written guidance as to how you will continue to manage and deal with the issues related to Covid.

How do you do this?

By ensuring that policies and procedures that apply to your workforce are up to date, clear and explain how you will handle covid going forwards.

In light of this, now is a good time to revisit your staff handbook and policies, particularly sickness absence and pay, data protection, infectious disease and also disciplinary policies, to ensure that your workforce understand what is expected of them and to ensure that you are protecting the organisation.

A summary of the new ‘living with covid’ guidance with the relevant dates can be seen here.