Our Values

In early 2016, the staff at Coffin Mew worked together to refresh our key values to ensure they are properly aligned with our ambitious vision to be “the leading firm on the South Coast in terms of our reputation for client excellence and the quality of our lawyers and support staff”.Our values are:

  • the behaviors and attitudes the Firm holds out as being important
  • an articulation of what we stand for
  • guiding principles for decision making and action

The Firm’s vision, values, and culture lie at the heart of what we do daily and is our commitment to prospective and current clients, staff and all other stakeholders and can set it apart from the competition by:

  • clarifying the Firm’s identity
  • serving as a rallying point for Partners and staff
  • helping to differentiate the Firm in the marketplace for clients and talent

Nick Gross, Chairman and Partner at Coffin Mew, says:

In my time with Coffin Mew, we have constantly evolved as a modern, dynamic and creative firm, whilst our staff and partners remain approachable but professional people, who always do their best for our clients. That’s why I am still here after 33 years!


Expanding on Our Values


Actively working together:

  • For the benefit of our clients
  • To identify business development opportunities
  • To get to know each other


Focus on the needs of our clients:

  • We are interested in their business
  • We are curious about their aims and goals


Reflects our approach to doing business:

  • We are not a traditional law firm
  • We respond positively to new business ideas and opportunities


We are a modest group of professionals:

  • We are down to earth, open and approachable
  • We are always delighted to collaborate with our clients


The firm is supportive of personal circumstances and ambitions:

  • We want to achieve the best outcome for our clients and their business
  • We challenge and support


Our distinguishing feature is that we are personable and professional:

  • We are a firm with personality
  • Staff and Partners work together effectively
  • We are individuals