Good Divorce Week

Posted on: November 30th, 2016

Resolution is spearheading the Good Divorce Week to promote ways in which separating and divorcing couples can agree solutions and move forward without high levels of conflict and acrimony.

Clients frequently seek advice telling us they don’t want to get lawyers involved, as they want to keep it amicable, public perception is that lawyers are the cause of a bad divorce.

Resolution is working hard with its members to promote alternatives to court based divorces. Whilst most people have now heard of mediation, many still regard it as counselling and have no knowledge of other processes available for divorce.

The Coffin Mew team is a collaborative family practitioners and have a wide range of skills which also play a big part in their traditional practice.

Our team work with couples to help them have direct discussions with a view to finding solutions. A mediator is not there to advise or to impose a decision, but to provide information, guidance and support to the couple in seeking to determine arrangements for the children or financial arrangements.

When working on a collaborative basis our team not only advise and support their clients but to work as part of the team with the other spouse and their collaborative lawyer to find solutions.

Although there are a small number of cases where it will be necessary to make an application to the court because of non-disclosure or non-co-operation, we genuinely believe that the majority of couples can find their own solutions with the right support and advice in place.