Good Divorce Week – Collaborative Law

Posted on: November 26th, 2018

This week is Resolution’s “good divorce week”, an annual event that we use to promote and encourage people going through a divorce to make it as amicable as possible.

When a marriage ends, often with children in the mix, it’s hard enough without having arguments through lawyers over who gets the dinning room table or the dog.

Collaborative law whilst not the obvious choice for many divorcing couples as it’s not well known about is an alterative to the traditional approach to divorce. Instead of positioning yourself at an early stage, all discussions are face to face, with you and your lawyers who are on hand to help you navigate the complexities of divorce, children and money. There are no sarcastic letters going back and forth, no lawyers in the background telling your ex to take you to the cleaners, it’s you and your lawyers talking together to find a solution that satisfies you both. No court rooms. No judge. Instead, you both sit down and talk the issues through to reach a resolution. This process means you can leave with your dignity and, hopefully, relations with your ex in a reasonable state. When you and your ex choose to follow the collaborative process you each sign an agreement that you will do your best to sort matters between you both without starting court proceedings.

Many people fear that once they involve lawyers things escalate and end up far worse sousing the collaborative process helps alleviate this; whilst you both have your own legal advisors who are with you in the meetings, we are there to work with you and your spouse’s lawyer to help you reach a solution. We aren’t there to fight, we are there to help and advise. The aim is that you both leave the process with an agreement that you are happy with and in so far as possible, feeling that nobody has won or lost but instead your divorce has been as “good” as any divorce can be. Most divorcing couples have years of co-parenting children ahead of them, the need for a divorce to be amicable is important to avoid damaging relations and more importantly, children from the potentially harmful affects of a divorce.

If you want a “good” divorce and to leave feeling that you have worked well with your ex to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome then contact Bryan Scant to discuss the process further or find out more here.