Good divorce week and reducing conflict on separation

Posted on: November 26th, 2021

Each year Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes, has an annual initiative called ‘Good Divorce Week’.  This year it takes places from 29 November to 3 December.

The idea behind Good Divorce Week is to encourage better and more collaborative practices. This year Resolution is looking to kickstart a national conversation about how individuals can limit conflict on separation, which may make divorce a less painful experience.

All the family lawyers at Coffin Mew are members of Resolution, and we are committed to adopting a non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues. It’s all about putting the best interests of any children first.

Being a member of Resolution involves committing to and acting in accordance with a Code of Practice that help solicitors made divorce a better process for everyone involved.

What can you do to assist having a ‘Good’ Divorce?

The concept of a good divorce may sound a little odd.  But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to try and find a way to have a divorce that reduces conflict and antagonism and finds a solutions-based approach that is respectful to everyone.

And there are things that you can do, if faced with divorce, to make your divorce ‘good’, including:

Be prompt. Take advice early, search for input from a Resolution accredited family solicitor who will seek to resolve your separation constructively. The appropriate information at the outset means you will be far more informed to make important decisions.

Be mindful. If you have children, ensure they are your focus. A divorce does not end a parental relationship, which will continue long after separation. Children are adaptable and resilient, but they should not be exposed to adult-conversations and disputes.

Be transparent. There will almost certainly be an element of financial disclosure when considering the arrangements on divorce. Being dishonest is only likely to add conflict and lengthen the divorce process.

Be reasonable. Find a solution which meets everyone’s needs. No doubt this will require an element of compromise. Be realistic from the start, do not seek an outcome at the detriment of the other party. The divorce process and steps to resolve the financial arrangements are not designed to punish a party. Acknowledging this will make the process far easier.

Adopting these steps and strategies should reduce confrontation, reinforcing Resolution’s fundamental policy of limiting conflict on divorce.

Ultimately, it is about finding the right approach and best solution for you. If you would like further information about divorce, please contact us, we would be happy to help.