Posted on: January 15th, 2018

With a little over three months to go before the deadline to publish gender pay gap reports, recent figures reveal that over 8,000 companies have yet to comply with the new rules. At the time of writing, only 578 of the estimated 9,000 affected companies have published their gender pay gap data despite the cut-off date looming. 

The mandatory obligation to produce gender pay gap reports applies to employers with 250 or more employees. For employers operating in the private and voluntary sector, the deadline to report is 4 April 2018. For public sector employers, the deadline is 31 March 2018.

As readers will no doubt have seen, the recent gender pay gap reports by some organisations have created a number of awkward headlines. The main culprit was the BBC, who came under fire last summer when its figures highlighted a lack of women at the top end of the pay scale, leading to ongoing outrage at the BBC’s treatment of women. This has recently resulted in the widely publicised resignation of China editor, Carrie Gracie, who has been hailed a ‘fearless leader’ in the battle for equal pay.

This month, reports also revealed that women’s hourly pay rates are 52% lower than men’s at Easyjet. Fashion chain, Phase Eight, has reported a 64.8% lower mean hourly rate for female staff, whilst, on average, women earn 22% less at Shell. Fortunately, it isn’t all doom and gloom – employers with low or no gender pay gaps include the British Museum, at 0%, and the armed forces, at 0.9%.

Act now!

If your business is affected by the gender pay gap requirements and you have not started compiling your report, we recommend that you act now. It is important to ensure that the information collated is complete and accurate, to avoid both non-compliance of the rules and the reputational damage of publishing incomplete or late information. Preparing your gender pay gap report now will also give your organisation the time to prepare for any negative response to the data, whether internally or in the market.

Of course, help is at hand. If your business requires any assistance or has any concerns about gender pay gap reporting, please do get in touch with the Employment team.

Charlotte Allery is a Solicitor in the Employment team