Coronavirus – a message from our CEO

Posted on: June 29th, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges for all law firms, including Coffin Mew, as well as many of our clients. However, we are looking to the future with optimism and focusing on the opportunities it creates – shaping our business and lifestyles to fit the new normal.

Many of our clients have commented on how well the remote working and digital delivery of services has worked for them during lockdown. Client opinions and preferences of course continue to be extremely important when shaping the way we work in the future.

The recent challenges have created opportunities for us to review and adapt our operating model and move our agile way of working onto the next level. Inevitably the economic and market challenges we all face have meant that we have had to review our resources and last week we announced proposals to reduce our headcount, mainly impacting support roles. These are people we have invested in, recruited and trained and we do not give up on that lightly and we will do everything we can to keep headcount changes to a minimum.

We will continue our focus on investing in leading edge technologies and hardware to support our new operating and service delivery models. Investments currently being implemented or developed include a range of cloud based technologies, P4W case management, client and referrer web based portals, voice recognition transcription and a firm wide digital strategy, goals and objectives platform. This will ensure our ongoing commitment to client service excellence and supports our vision to deliver great results for every client.

We also think it’s of critical importance that we create a culture where good health and hygiene is seen as a business imperative, with the provision of COVID safe physical offices and healthy homeworking environments, enabling engagement and interaction between our people, clients and contacts to take place with confidence and minimal risk.

Although this has probably been the most challenging set of economic and health circumstances I have seen in my 40 years in the legal profession, we are facing the challenges head on and taking the steps needed to ensure Coffin Mew continues to be a very successful business, a great place to do business and a great place to work.

Miles Brown, CEO