Coffin Mew invests in the future with cutting edge technology deal

Posted on: August 17th, 2015

Coffin Mew has put itself at the cutting edge of the legal profession by becoming one of the first to switch its systems to a secure cloud-based IT service.

Taylor Made Computer Solutions has signed a six-figure, three-year deal to supply its fully-hosted managed services solution to Coffin Mew.

Until recently it has been rare for law firms to adopt cloud-based systems because they hold sensitive client data – and there are stringent guidelines designed to ensure security and compliance within the legal profession.

Taylor Made’s cloud-based services offer watertight security and high levels of service to the users that meet the requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

The first stage of the installation went live last week when Coffin Mew’s systems were, smoothly and without any end user downtime, switched over to the new hosted platform.

Taylor Made is now responsible for the management and upgrade of the system and full delivery of IT services to support Coffin Mew’s ambitious growth plans.

The ‘cloud’ delivery model is deployed by Taylor Made for dozens of its clients as it is highly-flexible and provides for price-per-head payments that adapt over the life of the contract in line with staff numbers.

Tim Walker, Managing Director at Taylor Made Computer Solutions, based in Fareham, Hampshire, said: “We have been working with Coffin Mew for over 14 years, giving them strategic IT advice and on-site support.

“Now they have switched to the cloud-based model which is a highly-efficient, cost-effective and low-risk solution. All the systems can be managed centrally, ensuring they are always up to date and that any problems can be dealt with quickly and seamlessly supported by robust and secure data back-up capabilities.

 “In many ways Coffin Mew is at the cutting edge by becoming one of the first law firms to move over to a fully-managed cloud-based service. We’re delighted to have been able to work with Coffin Mew on this significant development. Our delivery model is well-suited to the legal profession, meeting the requirements of the SRA in protecting the information of clients.”

Miles Brown, Managing Partner at Coffin Mew, said: “At Coffin Mew we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking, modern firm.

“We have long recognised the importance of investing in IT to ensure that we serve our clients efficiently and securely. This is a large investment as Coffin Mew continues to grow its business operations.

“As an expanding firm we always have one eye on the future, so Taylor Made’s cloud system is perfect for our needs and flexible enough to grow with us.

“This initial phase is one part of a multi-phase three-year IT strategy. It puts in place a solid, secure IT platform that is the foundation for the next phase – to implement a review and replacement of software that will not only be a working environment for our staff, but a vehicle to deliver services to (or integrate with) our clients in a faster, more modern and accessible way.

“The solution aims to exceed the regulatory requirements applied to law firms and to achieve those applied to our most highly regulated clients, giving reassurance to them that we will continue to be a trusted supplier that is keeping pace with their changing world.”

Taylor Made is one of the UK’s fastest-growing IT support providers. Since 1994 it has been delivering professional IT solutions for businesses, education, local authorities and charities based in and around Central Southern England and more recently across London and the Home Counties.