Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at Coffin Mew

Coffin Mew is committed to providing equal opportunities for its employees, partners and prospective employees. We pride ourselves on equal treatment for all regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, gender, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Our vision is for a workplace where people feel valued and that each individual is encouraged to develop their own unique skills.  We aim to recruit and retain the best people and by providing flexibility and developing everyone’s unique skills and abilities we are able to create an excellent team spirit and a supportive workplace which ultimately allows us all to meet the needs of both our clients and colleagues effectively and enthusiastically.

Coffin Mew Diversity and Inclusion stats

Key statistics (as at October 2019)

  • 74% of our workforce are state school educated
  • 28% of our workforce are the primary carer for a child
  • 7% of our workforce have a disability

Coffin Mew LLP asked all its partners and staff to complete a survey anonymously, which is non-compulsory and for this reason these figures are not a full and accurate representation of the firm’s diversity.

Key principles

  • To have a reputation in our markets for the highest standards of professionalism
  • To have an environment where everyone feels free to speak their mind
  • To be recognised for our transparency in both our internal and external dealings
  • To recruit and retain excellent people and promote professional and personal growth
  • To rank highly in surveys of preferred employers
  • To have consistent and effective teams within the firm

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