Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR at Coffin Mew – our commitment to our community and the environment

As a firm which has its roots firmly anchored to the local community for over 100 years, our personal connections and responsibilities to those communities, to our people and our environment really matter to us.

The way we conduct our business is guided by values of honesty and integrity, client focus and team spirit.

We use those values to have a positive impact on not only the people who work for Coffin Mew, but in the firm’s relationship with the outside world. We are dependent on our natural environment and the wider social community.

We have a long history of commitment and support to local community groups and charities. We are committed to giving our time, energy, skills and ideas to projects and events.

We look at every opportunity to minimise our impact on the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint and use sustainable resources.

Our people are the engine of the firm and strive for a diverse workplace where people are valued and encouraged to develop their unique skills.

Charity and Community

At Coffin Mew we are aware of our responsibility to the communities in which we operate and we are proud of our involvement in our local communities.  We are committed to giving our time, energy, ideas and skills to help those in our community.  Our commitment to our community and charity reflects our core values of honesty and integrity, client focus and team spirit.

Key Principles

  • Using local businesses to provide services wherever possible
  • Ensuring that everyone across the firm has the opportunity to get involved
  • To manage our impact as a firm on our community honestly and proactively
  • Use charitable team building events to build on our team spirit
  • Supporting employees who choose to carry out voluntary work in their own time
  • Focusing on our clients and supporting their community and charitable events


Coffin Mew is proud to support Children on the Edge, our current nominated charity. 

Children on the Edge is a child rights organisation that works hand-in-hand with communities to support some of the world’s most marginalised children, in some of the toughest situations.

​By working alongside communities, Children on the Edge design programs tailored to their specific needs and circumstances using their 30 years of experience.

Liz Cheaney, Director of HR & Communication comments; “The work that Children on Edge do is vital and this is why we have chosen them as our nominated charity.  They are transforming the lives of children facing some of the most challenging circumstances, by co-creating protective, nurturing environments in which they can safely live, play, learn, and grow.”



At Coffin Mew we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We are proud that we are proactive in reducing the effect that our operations have on our environment.

Our aim is to continually reduce the firm’s carbon footprint and to come up with new ways and ideas to achieve this.

We shall work with staff, clients and suppliers to develop a business model which will sustain that reduction into the future.

We shall measure our carbon footprint annually to ensure that we are achieving our goals.

Key Principles

  • To comply with all relevant environmental legislation
  • To reduce our carbon footprint by 10%
  • To recycle or reuse all that we can
  • Wherever possible, use sustainable resources
  • The conservation of energy through efficient use of equipment and resources
  • To reduce our consumption of materials
  • Share our environmental law knowledge with our clients and suppliers
  • Provide training and support to our staff to raise awareness of environmental issues



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