12 Days of Christmas Family Special – Scrooge

Posted on: December 17th, 2019

Once upon a time, in deepest surburbia, lived a middle aged character called Taylor.

Taylor had recently separated from childhood sweetheart, Sam, having decided to call time on their 12-year marriage, after discovering that Sam had developed a ‘friendship’ with a work colleague. Sam reeled off a list of excuses; loneliness, boredom, Taylor working away a lot…

In a fit of rage, Taylor demanded that Sam leave the house with the children immediately. The three bedroom family home was in Taylor’s sole name and there was no way Taylor was going to move out, let alone fund Sam’s future lifestyle.

Winter arrived. Sam was feeling anxious and was struggling to make ends meet – holding down two low paid jobs and running a household was becoming an overwhelming task. The rent on the tiny two bedroom flat was due. Taylor was still refusing to pay child maintenance. Sam wondered how on earth there would be any cash spare for the children’s Christmas presents.

Sam sent Taylor a pleading text asking for some money for the children. Taylor responded in an apoplectic rage. How dare Sam demand cash? Money doesn’t grow on Christmas trees!!!

Taylor was in a strong financial position, having accumulated quite a fortune on the stock market and having invested in a private pension for many years. Taylor was sensible with money; some might say frugal. Sam, on the other hand, was always asking Taylor for cash – children’s clothes, vet bills, food shopping… a never ending list of frivolous expenditure.

Sam called a friend in despair and cried. What could be done? Luckily, Sam’s friend was a practical person and put Sam in touch with a family lawyer. Sam found out that it wasn’t necessary to suffer in silence and live on the breadline.

When Taylor refused to negotiate on a fair settlement, Sam’s solicitor applied to the court for a financial remedy. The court made an order enabling Sam to move back to the family home with the children, until the youngest child reached the age of 18. Taylor was also ordered to pay spousal maintenance, so that Sam could afford to pay all of the monthly bills.

For many years, Taylor was hostile towards Sam. However, after a lot of self-reflection, Taylor realised it was time to let go and move on, for the sake of the two children. In later years, Taylor realised that life was too short for acrimony.

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